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  • Knechtel's Blossom Shop & Farm
  • Knechtel's Blossom Shop & Farm
  • Knechtel's Blossom Shop & Farm
  • Knechtel's Blossom Shop & Farm

Knechtel's Blossom Shop, Originally Established 1929 in Coudersport Pennsylvania

In 1875, Jacob & Francheska Knechtel our great, great grandparents immigrated to America from Austria Bohemia and built a house in Coudersport PA. Ultimately Emil Knechtel, Jacob’s son, our great grandfather, inherited the property. In 1928, Emil started construction of a new greenhouse located beside the house in Coudersport. On May 16, 1929 Knechtel's Blossom Shop opened the new greenhouse to the public.


Albert Knechtel, Emils son, our grandfather eventually inherited the business. Growing plants & blossoms from seed was the primary business. Plants & blossoms were started in the greenhouse then transplanted into the cultivated field behind the greenhouse where they were brought to market and sold.


In 2000 my wife and I acquired farm property in Port Allegany Pennsylvania. Our goal was to re-established the heritage family business. We call it "Knechtel's Blossom Shop and Farm" because we've added livestock hence the “Farm” addition to the name.


In July 2012 my wife and I completed Polyface Inc’s on farm intensive discovery seminar. Polyface has developed a sustainable approach to farming that we here at Knechtel’s Blossom Shop & Farm wholeheartedly believe in. We have adopted most if not all of the techniques utilized by Polyface and have implemented them on our farm.


Joel Salatin (owner of Polyface farm) is featured prominently in Michael Pollan's book "The Omnivore's Dilemma" and documentary films, "Food, Inc." and "Fresh". His unconventional farming practices have drawn attention from the alternative agriculture community especially those interested in sustainable livestock management.


Salatin’s philosophy of farming emphasizes healthy grass on which animals can thrive in a symbiotic relationship with other animals and the land as found in nature. A link to more in depth information about Polyface Inc. can be found here:


DISCLAIMER! - Polyface Farm is in no way affiliated with nor indorses Knechtel's Blossom Shop & Farm.


Knechtel's Blossom Shop & Farm merely follows their environmentally responsible practices and techniques to produce products that are good for you, the animals and our planet!